waste water and leachate treatment

Each cogeneration pyrolysis facility requires the recovery of process water, leachate and runoff from the buildings housing the facility. These waters must then be treated and purified for reuse, either internally or for nearby plants requiring industrial water.

Energy PyroSwiss and its partners have wastewater treatment solutions, whatever the volumes to be treated:


Mobile stations can be set up for small flows.


Major facilities are planned for the treatment of leachates, especially in landfills and sewage treatment plants.


Possible treatments are:

  • Sea water,

  • Water from canning factories

  • Releases from pharmaceutical manufacturing, slaughterhouses, dairy products,

  • Refinery waters

  • etc.


We can treat: heavy metals, micropollutants, Ebola, drugs ...

Drinking water treatment

Energy PyroSwiss offers solutions for the treatment of drinking water, whatever its origin:

  • Sources

  • Deep wells

  • River

  • Lake

  • etc.

red sludge

"Red mud" from industrial waste in natural waters (ponds, sea) can be treated by specific facilities that we are able to offer.


The red mud caused by the discharges from the ALTEO plant in the Calanques near Marseille.

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